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Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Select a Degree

Students may choose to earn either a

  • Bachelor of Science in Integrated Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Studies (16 credits of a foreign language required)

Degree Requirements

1.General Education

Before pursuing an Integrated Studies degree at DSU, students are required to complete either

  • DSU General Education courses
  • Transfer credits equal to DSU General Education courses
  • An Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution (Refer to Policy 5-47, Academic Transfer)

2. Core Requirements

Complete the following:

  • INTS 3100 Interdisciplinary Studies
  • INTS 3900 Interdisciplinary Topics
  • INTS 4890R Independent Study
  • INTS 4950R Integrated Studies Senior Thesis

3. Emphasis Area Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 21 credits in both chosen emphasis areas, and 15 of those chosen must be upper-division courses.

4. Graduation Requirements:

  • Complete a minimum of 120 credits
  • Complete at least 40 upper-division credits
  • Complete at least 30 upper-division credits at DSU for institutional residency
  • Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher
  • Grade C or higher in each Core Integrated Studies and Emphasis Area course

For more information, review the complete listing of Graduation Requirements list, or contact your academic advisor.