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Core Requirements

Core Requirements

Integrated Studies Core Requirements

A degree in Integrated Studies is centered on courses that train students how to master basic skills in written and oral communication, critical analysis, and problem solving. Through a mixture of individual and collaborative work, students not only develop a foundation for engaging in interdisciplinary study, but they also learn how to be quality, lifelong learners. The core requirements provide a foundation for students to explore issues and academia in their chosen emphasis areas, particularly matters of ethics and diversity that relate to learning and life in global society and how they impact a student's immediate life and future.

Students begin their Integrated Studies Program with a general orientation to the major that introduces them to the theory and practice of integrative study. With the assistance of a program advisor, students design a course plan by selecting their emphasis areas and identifying possible relationships between them in preparation for the culminating capstone project. The course stresses collaboration as an essential ingredient for success in college and career, and it encourages majors to develop an attitude of teamwork to achieve greater success in their degree.


INTS 3100. Interdisciplinary Studies. 3 Hours.

Required of all Integrated Studies majors. Explores the epistemology, assumptions, research methods, theories, and concepts of each student's emphasis disciplines. Then focuses on the methods, practices, and theories of interdisciplinary study through integrative approaches to complex issues. Students should complete at least two courses in each of their emphases before they enroll in this course.
Prerequisite: ENGL 2010 or ENGL 2010A (either Grade C or higher) and instructor permission. FA, SP.

INTS 3900. Interdisciplinary Topics. 3 Hours.

For all interested students; required of Integrated Studies students. Presents a topic, problem, or theme from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Students experience the advantages and necessity of bringing the knowledge, concepts, theories, and methods of multiple distinct disciplines to bear on understanding complex issues and ideas and begin the process of integrating disciplines. Repeatable up to 9 credits as topics vary.
Prerequisite: ENGL 2010 or ENGL 2010A (Grade C or higher). FA, SP.

INTS 4950R X2. Integrated Studies Senior Research and Thesis. 6 Hours.

This is a minimum two-semester Senior Research and Senior Thesis series that in some cases may extend to three semesters and that provides the culminating experience in the Integrated Studies baccalaureate program. The first semester of this two-semester course focuses on research methods and scholarly writing as students identify project topics and prepare formal proposals for review and approval. In the second semester students develop their thesis topic, theme, issue, or problem and relate their two areas of concentration through careful analysis and creative synthesis, producing a major senior thesis project that exhibits skill in interdisciplinary understanding. Repeatable up to 9 credits subject to graduation requirements.
Prerequisites: INTS 3100 (Grade C or higher), senior status, and instructor permission. FA, SP, SU.