Integrated Studies

Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences Department

Integrated Studies Program

The Integrated Studies program at Dixie State University provides opportunities for students to earn a bachelor’s degree different from traditional, discipline-specific programs. Students select two emphasis areas from the following: Art (2 tracks available), American Sign Language, Biology, Chemistry, Communications Studies, Criminal Justice, Dance, Digital Design, Digital Film Production, Earth Science, English (2 tracks available), History, Humanities, Information Technology, Management, Management &

Operations, Marketing, Mathematics, Media Studies, Military Science, Music, Psychology, Recreation Management, Sociology, Software Development, Spanish, Theater, and Web Design & Development.

Students have the flexibility of developing a major program of study that will uniquely suit their personal and professional goals. It presents the advantages of a liberal arts degree while allowing students to combine basic knowledge and explore relationships between two academic or professional fields. This approach enables students not only to assume greater responsibility and ownership of their major areas of study but also to gain knowledge and skills tailored to a specific career or professional pursuit by expanding their training beyond a traditional, discipline-specific curriculum.

Integrative, interdisciplinary study involves bridging traditional academic boundaries to examine the relationships between various disciplines. This approach challenges students to recognize the distinct methodologies and practices unique to different fields of knowledge and to appreciate the significant ways that knowledge results from interactions among these fields. A successful Integrated Studies program will produce a student who understands that learning, itself, is interdisciplinary and integrative in nature and who can identify significant connections between disciplines and incorporate them into his or her education, work, and life.

Employers value skills such as critical thinking, written and verbal communication, and breadth of knowledge and experience. The Integrated Studies program develops these and other important skills necessary for a competitive job market and for life-long learning. Recent graduates have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in business, law, psychology, school counseling, physical therapy, and medicine and to advance in their professional careers and employment.