The DSU Bachelor of Individualized Studies is a versatile degree program in which students customize and title their program of study in accordance with their post-graduate pursuits and in collaboration with supportive and enthusiastic faculty mentors. This degree program aims to serve students with the maturity and life experience to participate in the design of their own majors, especially those under-served, nontraditional university populations such as returning, older students who may have a variety of college credits and work experiences but who would not be as well served by a baccalaureate in any single, standard academic discipline.

A unique curriculum that provides its students with the opportunity to build degrees not currently offered at DSU, the Individualized Studies Program requires its students to possess an adaptive, autonomous, and autodidactic attitude. It emphasizes core competencies in written composition, statistical comprehension, public presentation, and collaborative problem solving, competencies that are highly valued by employers across industries and are crucial to producing civic vitality in the 21st century.

The Bachelor of Individualized Studies requires each student to clearly define personal educational objectives and to design a detailed, individualized academic plan that will accomplish those objectives. The students design their plans through a reflective process of self-driven, but faculty-guided curriculum building, involving multiple academic disciplines and the Individualized Studies core.